Mobys on Red Gum

Mobys on Red Gum

MOBYS ON RED GUM uses only the freshest, top-quality Australian produce – local, where possible – to create breakfast, lunch and dinner menus to suit the most discerning palette. There’s a special children’s menu too.

Enjoy your meal in the contemporary dining room, on the deck overlooking the lagoon pool, or in the quiet, leafy courtyard garden. (Just remember to leave room for dessert – it’s our specialty.)


Best Restaurant on the East Coast

Like the food, the service is exceptional – whether you want to eat or just relax over a cup of your favourite expresso coffee (takeaways are very popular with our guests!). If you prefer, eat-at-home and picnic hampers and platters are available.

The bar has an extensive selection of beers, wines and cocktails.

Most Popular dish

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