Mobys Weather/Beach Report @Boomerang Beach

After last weeks shakey weather, we should see some drier days and blue skies into the weekend. Perfect weather to get down to Boomerang Beach.

With only light projected wind, most of the Great Lakes beaches will be pleasant with surfers swarming to the more exposed breaks on a decreasing SE Swell.

The High tides will be seen in the early mornings and late afternoon on Saturday and Sunday. Water in the Great Lakes, Pacific Palms area is a warm temperature. Daytime Temperature will likely to peak at around 19-20 and have a low of 8 degrees during the night.

Moving later into the week we may see some light showers reappear.

Always be careful when swimming on open beaches, look for rip, moving water and large shore breaks – if in doubt don’t go out.


Ty Judson