The Last Sand Dune


Have you ever been stuck on ideas for kids activities on the Mid North Coast?

This blog will give you an awesome idea for things to do in the Forster.

If you are like us we love getting out and exploring The Great Lakes, today we are heading to Forster 20mins north Boomerang Beach.

It’s a warm winter’s day at North One Mile Beach, for those that don’t know it has an awesome big sand dune…… We have taken our body boards and are hitting the sand.

This is such a fun thing to do in the Great Lakes, the kids love it!

“How fast can we go” is commonly yelled out by the kids…. And the most common answer is “as fast as you like”…

Firstly, they started slow, but got faster and faster, then they headed off down the dune together and wow……they reached the water’s edge.

What a work out to for us parents with little ones, bringing them back up to the top to side back down again.

After sliding down the slopes all morning, we stop in at south one mile park to have a lovely picnic lunch.

The purpose of my blog is to give other parents ideas for winter holiday activities at boomerang and in the pacific palms. I have lived on the mid north coast my whole life and know all the hidden fun spots for kids to play.

Feel free to ask any questions about tips of what to do in and around Mobys.