Ty Judson… Boomerang Beach Local, Professional Athlete

Phenomenal waves, pristine beaches, amazing wildlife, breathtaking water, relaxed lifestyle, superb lakes, impressive views, immaculate trails are just some of the things that makes Pacific Palms unforgettable!

There are many special spots around Palms that are among my favourites, but for me… the beach closest to my heart is Boomerang… the place where I grew up.
Boomerang is where my sister and I learned to surf, the place where I was taught so much about nature from a beautiful community.

One of my fondest memories is spending Australia Day, the 26th January on the beach with the sun glistening through the crystal blue water, the fins of dolphins catching perfectly curling waves, with laughs and smiles from all on the beach…. Sharing this day with friends and family made it all the more special.

My daily routine generally consists of an early start; first a sweat out in Wallis Lake on the paddle board, next a gym session followed with a check of the beach. The weather and conditions determine what comes next… if the waves are firing I’ll be out there surfing.

Fishing off the beaches is always a great past time with mates and rediscovering more amazing places around the area.

I’m stoked to be able to share my stories in collaboration with Mobys. Together we will feature a series of blog posts and photos of the area.
You can follow us here and we hope to see you around town one day.

Ty Judson